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What is Powerland Heritage Park?


Antique Powerland (Powerland Heritage Park), which opened in 1970, was originally established by a group of enthusiasts dedicated to the preservation, restoration and operation of steam powered equipment, antique farm machinery and implements.

Today, Powerland Heritage Park encompasses an impressive campus of museums dedicated to preserving Oregon’s rich agricultural heritage. Each of these museums is an independent partner operated and maintained by loyal, dedicated volunteers. The museum partners raise the funds to build their museums and sustain their operations.

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Powerland 1970’s View


Powerland 2012 View

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We Are All Volunteers

Powerland Heritage Park is unique in that the entire facility is operated and maintained by loyal, dedicated volunteers. Mowing, pruning, plowing, planting, repairing, painting, planning and building is not contracted out, with a few exceptions. Each of the museums at Powerland is an independent partner. 

The Great Oregon Steam-Up would not be possible if not for the time and energy provided by our many volunteers, including those with our museum partners. In addition, we have our wonderful exhibitors who drive many miles to bring their restored equipment and collections to display. They are all big contributors to our Steam-Up show and combined, that is over 700 volunteers who work together to make Steam-Up happen. We do it all for you, our visitors. Seeing you smile and enjoying yourselves is our greatest reward. THANK YOU!!.


The public will be able to appreciate the heritage of early day machines and better understand the history of technology, upon which modern machines, vehicles and farm equipment is based.


The mission of the Antique Powerland Museum Association is to educate the public about the history and operation of machines and the role they played in modern technology and the quality of life.


Maintaining, improving and managing Antique Powerland as both an operating museum and an exposition site.

  • Providing land and infrastructure for museum partners that collect, restore, display, interpret and operate historic machines, engines, vehicles and farm equipment.
  • Sponsoring major expositions where the public can observe the operation and use of historic machines and vehicles.
  • Facilitating the storage and display of the antique tractors and related equipment in cooperation with on-site organizations.
  • Developing and encouraging quality interpretation and educational programs.


President: Michelle Duchateau

Vice President: Bill Prine

Vice President: Kathie Rosenquist

Secretary: Robin Prine

Treasurer Pro-Tem: Kay Pruett


Evan Burroughs

Tim Dezotell

Scott Johnson

John Nagy

Harold Pruett

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