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Heritage Museums

Antique Caterpillar Machinery Museum

Antique Implement Society

Blacksmith Shop

Branch 15 Early Day Gas Engine & Tractor Association

Brooks Historical Society

Northwest Vintage Car & Motorcycle Museum

Oregon Electric Railway Museum

Oregon Fire Service Museum

Oregon Vintage Machinery Museum

Pacific NW Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society

Pacific Northwest Logging Museum

Pacific Northwest Truck Museum

Western Steam Fiends

Willow Creek Railroad Museum

Willamette Valley Model Railroad & Operating Museum

All of the museums at Powerland Heritage Park are non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations and donations to the museums are greatly appreciated. The entire campus is operated and maintained by volunteers.

Antique Powerland Museum (APMA)

Members: 200+ Dues: $30.00 / Family $45.00 Board Meeting: 2nd Sunday of the month in APMA board room. Office contact: APMA Office 503-393-2424. Website: www.powerlandheritagepark.com.

Mission: to provide the public the opportunity to learn about the history and operation of machines and the role they played in modern technology and the quality of life. APMA is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. The entire facility is operated and maintained by our volunteer staff.

Antique Caterpillar Machinery Museum (ACMM)

Members: 250 Dues: $30.00/yr. Meeting date & location: 4th Saturday of month in CAT museum. Contact: Don Leffler 503-538-3935

Website: www.antiquecaterpillarmuseum.org. The Antique Caterpillar Machinery Museum is the only museum in the world dedicated to honoring the excellence and achievements of the Caterpillar product and its extensive contributions of innovation and development over many years. The museum has an active program of exhibition, demonstration and education.

Antique Implement Society (AIS)

Members: 20 Dues: $20.00 Meeting date & location: Date is random, meet at Powerland Heritage Park. Contact: Bill Prine - 503-835-7301 or Wayne Thackery

Website: www.antiqueimplementsociety.org Mission: To present, exhibit and interpret large vintage engines and powered machinery of rare and valued lineage. Please contact us if interested. We need more volunteers.

Blacksmith Shop

Members: 15. Dues: None. Meeting date & location: No regular schedule. Contact: Dean Moxley 503-504-2594. An informal organization, these folks operate the site’s well supplied blacksmith shop and heritage machine shop. Many of them also volunteer at Fort Vancouver’s Blacksmith Shop. They are always willing to help teach those interested in learning about blacksmithing.

Branch 15 Early Day Gas Engine and Tractor Association (EDGE&TA)

Members: 250 Dues: $30.00/yr. Meeting date: Every other month, location varies. Contact: Steve Johnson 503-932-0323 Website: www.branch15edgeta.org. Organized in 1970, Branch 15’s mission is to support membership interests and activities and carry out educational activities for the benefit of both members and the general public as related to the collection, preservation, restoration, exchange, demonstration and display of antique stationary engines, tractors and associated equipment and implements. Branch 15 also conducts an educational "Saturday Class" held six months during the year at Powerland. They recently constructed the Wolf Iron Works Museum where more educational activities can be held.

Brooks Historical Society

Members: 60 Dues: $ 15/year. Meeting date & location: 1st Saturday of the month at the Brooks Depot Museum on Powerland Heritage Park campus. Contact: Dorene Standish 503-393-2053.

Website: www.oregonpioneers.com/marion/BrooksHistoricalSociety.htm. Founded in 1986, the Society began exhibiting local historical artifacts at Steam-Up that same year. In 1989 they moved the 1900 Southern Pacific Brooks Depot building to Powerland. Needed restoration work preserved the ambiance of the Agent’s Office and the Freight Room. These rooms now house a permanent collection of railroad, transportation, agriculture and domestic artifacts as well as local genealogy. The objective of the Brooks Historical Society and Depot Museum is to be educational and to stimulate an interest in and a knowledge of the history of Brooks, Oregon, and the surrounding area.

Northwest Vintage Car & Motorcycle Museum (NWVCMM)

Members: 250 Dues: $40.00, $50.00 family Meeting date & location: 3rd Wednesday of the month in the Texaco Service Station at Powerland Heritage Park. Website: www.nwcarandcycle.com. Contact: Andy Ottolia 503-873-1185. The car museum’s mission is to educate the general public about the heritage, history and evolution of automobiles and motorcycles older than 25 years. The museum will support life-long learning and community involvement. The museum has constructed a replica of a 1930s Texaco service station and a museum show floor as well as a Garage where they teach a Speedster Class to local high school students and they are finishing the final phase of their highly anticipated museum building as fundraising continues for the upper level. They also have a beautiful display lawn and Gazebo just east of the service station. The Museum is open on weekends June through September.

Oregon Electric Railway Museum (OERHS)

Members: 130+ Dues: $30.00/yr. Meeting date & location: Saturday work party at Powerland beginning at 10:00. Trolley operations May – September weekends 11:00-4:00. Contact: Mark Kavanaugh 503-399-7508 Museum: 971-701-6327. Website: oregontrolley.com. This group was incorporated in Oregon in 1957 with a mission to preserve the regional heritage of electric railway transportation as a living resource for the benefit of this and future generations. The organization initiated a move to Powerland in 1996 to establish the Oregon Electric Railway Museum. They have constructed a car barn, an operating streetcar museum, machine shop, powerhouse and interpretive center. Collections include most everything related to electric streetcars and electric buses and their maintenance.

Oregon Fire Service Museum (OFSM)

Members: 85 (125 Fire Departments) Dues: $20.00/yr. Meeting date & location: 2nd Saturday of the month at 10:00 AM, in Salem. Contact: Greg Musil, President 541-544-0669. Website: www.oregonfireservicemuseum.org. The Oregon Fire Service Museum was established in 1993  with a mission to identify, collect, preserve, interpret and disseminate materials and information pertaining to Oregon's fire service history in order to assist the public in understanding and appreciating the innovation, dedication, bravery and heroic sacrifice of Oregon's firefighters. This museum is presently involved in fundraising to complete construction of a museum building designed to replicate a 1930s Fire Station. Construction work is well underway as the exterior is nearing completion. Museum collections include fire apparatus and memorabilia.

Oregon Vintage Machinery Museum featuring John Deere

Members: 185 Dues: $30.00/yr. Meeting date: 2nd Sunday every other month, location varies. Check web site for date, time and location. Contact: Bruce Stahlecker 503-873-6505. Website: www.ovmmjd.org. The Oregon Vintage Machinery Museum  is an organization dedicated to promoting the preservation of John Deere two-cylinder tractors and related machinery. Museum collections include John Deere tractors, implements, machinery and memorabilia.

Pacific Northwest Chapter-National Railway Historical Society (PNWC-NRHS)

Members: 250+ Dues: $20.00 Meeting date & location: 3rd Friday of the month, 7:30 PM, at St. Marks Lutheran Church, Portland. Contact: Al Hall 503-699-5042 albhall@comcast.net Website: www.pnwc-nrhs.org. Mission: to preserve and interpret Pacific Northwest railroad history and historical artifacts for the education and enjoyment of current and future generations. Collections include railroad cars, locomotives, records, books, photos, movies and other railway artifacts. Displayed at Powerland is their S-2 diesel locomotive and maintenance-of-way Jordan Spreader and Flanger.

Pacific Northwest Logging Museum (PNLM)

Members: 50. Dues: $25.00 High School and College student dues: $10.00. Meeting date & location: 3rd Saturday of the month in APMA board room. Contact: Ralph Wakefield iwakefield28@hotmail.com or call 503-392-4147. Website: www.pnwloggingmuseum.org. Formed in 2008 by a group of loggers, retired loggers, logging enthusiasts and business owners, this corporation was organized to promote public interest and education through the preservation, collection, display and interpretation of historic operational logging equipment, tools, memorabilia and other pertinent materials. A further purpose is to recognize the role of the logging industry in the social and economic development of the Pacific Northwest and to illustrate the evolution of logging technologies from the past and into the future.

Pacific Northwest Truck Museum (PNTM)

Members: 490. Dues: $30.00, Family $40. Contact: Terry Dovre 503-312-0039. Website: www.pacificnwtruckmuseum.org. An educational non-profit dedicated to preserving the history and contributions of Pacific Northwest Motor Trucking Industry and its Pioneers. Collections include trucks starting from 1912 through today, displaying the progression and development of trucks and their history. The Museum presents over 100 beautifully restored trucks on display in the most professional and complete museum setting available at Powerland. The Museum is open weekends April thru September or by appointment.

The annual Truck Show at Powerland takes place every year on the fourth Friday and Saturday in August.

Western Steam Fiends Association (WSFA)

Members: 150+ Dues: $25.00. Meeting dates & location: January and August at Powerland Heritage Park. Contact: Roy Thompson 503-981-1931 or 503-710-8704. The Western Steams Steam Fiends represent the charter group at Powerland and are dedicated to the preservation of antique steam powered equipment and participate in the restoration and operation of a wide variety of steam powered machines. The founders had a true passion for steam engines and steam powered machinery and started WSFA in Colton, Washington in 1952. In 1970 some of their members purchased the property that is now known as Antique Powerland Museum Association. The Steam Fiends represent the foremost steam heritage group on the West Coast. Equipment includes stationary steam apparatus, steam traction engines, a rail mounted steam crane and a restored operating sawmill. The Steam Fiends conduct an annual educational program called Steam School which runs January through May.

Willow Creek Railroad Museum (WCRR)

Members: 100+. Dues: $30.00. Meeting date & location: No regular schedule – see website. Website: www.willowcreekrr.org. Home of large scale model railroading since 1975, WCRR is dedicated to providing a historical account of what early steam and diesel railroading was like – the smells, sights and sounds – but only on a smaller scale. Over a twenty five year period, this group has built an operating miniature railroad that features scaled operating replicas of steam and diesel locomotives. Of great interest to the younger set, this railroad setting includes complete landscaping, replica buildings and a mile of track. Riders sit on the cars.

Willamette Valley Model Railroad & Operating Museum (WVMRM)

Members: 15. Dues: $25.00/yr. Meeting date: Wednesdays at 7:30 PM, location varies. Contact: Judy MacInnes 503-581-6071 macinnej@msn.com.

Website: www.wvmrm.webs.com. Incorporated in 1979, the group operates the Powerland Country Store. Mission: to promote the history of and educate the general public about model railroading and railroads in general. Goal: to complete the interior of a replica train station at Powerland where a miniature operating railroad is housed depicting the history of transportation and agriculture in Oregon. Exterior construction is nearly complete as interior construction continues.

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