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Name Change for Antique Powerland

By unanimous vote of the Board of Governors, and later by the Board of Directors for Antique Powerland, the Antique Powerland Site is now Powerland Heritage Park, “Home of the Great Oregon Steam-Up.”

Why the name change? The APMA board consultant, Don Evans, recommended it as a result of prior research of his own on various names for heritage museums.

1) The Powerland Heritage Park name is more inclusive of all museums and organizations on the site. It gives more of a heritage context to the history of power.

2) The Powerland Heritage Park name more aptly describes our park-like campus, and it is less likely confused with a commercial antique mall.

3) This provides a marketing opportunity to re-launch our site and all of our museums in the public eye and to increase foot-traffic at events.

What about the APMA name? The organization and official name will still be Antique Powerland Museum Association (APMA). Only the name of the grounds has changed. The land under Powerland Heritage Park is owned by Western Antique Power, Inc. and it is managed by APMA.                       

Powerland Heritage Park is Open - Wed. thru Sun.


Western Steam Fiends - Steam School
Next class: April 29, 2017 -- contact Gary Clark


Branch 15 Classes Are in Session
Next Class - April 29, 2017 - 9:00 am
Topic: Forklift Training & Certification
Wolf Iron Works Museum -- Free Admission

Powerland Work Days for 2017

Join us on Saturday May 6th for the first (in a very long time) APMA work day!  The day will begin at 9 am, outside the office door, with work day coordinator Mark Bennett. Projects are all lined up with team leaders ready to get the work done.  We will break for lunch at noon and wrap up the day by 4 pm. Stay all day or for part of the day. Things to bring with you: push lawn mower, weed eater, hand yard tools, rakes, hand clippers/pruners, hand drills/batteries, wrenches/sockets, step ladders, etc.

Join in the fun with new and old friends of Powerland Heritage Park!

Additional Work Days: June 10th and July 8th


Powerland Heritage Park Celebration

On May 20 and 21, 2017 we will celebrate the introduction of Powerland Heritage Park  with free admission.  This event will  be similar to our previous Museum Day that was normally held in September.  This year, the renaming of the grounds makes   a great opportunity to have a “celebration.”

The celebration will have a children’s activity village, craft fair/farmer’s market, and a barbecue chicken dinner, in addition all the Museums on campus will be open. 

Tickets for the dinner are $ 5.00 and must be paid for by May 16, 2017.  Contact the office at 503-393-2424.

Wednesday Work Day is Fast Approaching

The volunteer Wednesday Workdays will be starting up again on May 3rd.  Harold P. will have the coffee pot and cookies ready for everyone that can make it to Powerland on Wednesdays.  Lunches for these work days will not start until May 10th.  There is a change of venue for coffee and lunch; we will gather on the west side of the campus in the concession booth south of the Country Store.  Park on the road until the ground is less wet and not as prone to ruts.

Exhibitor Packets Available for Steam-Up

If you are an exhibitor at Steam-Up, you should have received your registration packet in the mail recently.  Please complete the form and return making sure that the writing is easily read.  If you have not exhibited in the past year and would like to do so at the 2017 Show please contact Sheila in the office at 503-393-2424.

Interior Construction Continues on the Truck Museum’s New Learning Center


The Pacific Northwest Truck Museum is under construction and will not open on April 1 as planned. A new opening will be announced. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

See What’s New at the Oregon Electric Railway Museum


A trolley built in Milan, Italy in 1931 recently arrived at the Oregon Electric Railway Museum.


This electric locomotive was built for the Oregon Electric Railway in 1912. In 1946, it was sold and moved to Canada where it was in operation for nearly 70 years. It returned to Oregon and is now at Powerland Heritage Park.

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