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Powerland Heritage Park is Open - Wed. thru Sun.

Name Change for Antique Powerland

By unanimous vote of the Board of Governors, and later by the Board of Directors for Antique Powerland, the Antique Powerland Site is now doing business as Powerland Heritage Park, “Home of the Great Oregon Steam-Up.”

Why the name change? The APMA board consultant, Don Evans, recommended it as a result of prior research of his own on various names for heritage museums.

1) The Powerland Heritage Park name is more inclusive of all museums and organizations on the site. It gives more of a heritage context to the history of power.

2) The Powerland Heritage Park name more aptly describes our park-like campus, and it is less likely confused with a commercial antique mall.

3) This provides a marketing opportunity to re-launch our site and all of our museums in the public eye and to increase foot-traffic at events.

What about the APMA name? The organization and official name will still be Antique Powerland Museum Association (APMA). Only the name of the grounds has changed. The land under Powerland Heritage Park is owned by Western Antique Power, Inc. and it is managed by APMA.                       

APMA Workday Sept. 16, 2017

Join us Saturday Sept. 16, 2917 for another APMA Workday as we get Powerland Heritage Park ready for winter. The day will begin at 9 am, outside the office door, with work day coordinator Mark Bennett. Projects are all lined up with team leaders ready to get the work done.  We will break for lunch at noon and wrap up the day by 4 pm. We welcome one and all, work all day or work part of a day.


Brooks Truck Show.....................August 25-26

Truck Museum Holds 25th Brooks Truck Show

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